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Answers to the most common questions we get about our cargo lifts and passenger lift.

What’s the difference between a cargo lift and passenger lift?

Cargo lifts may be used only to transport materials and are not approved for human transport. Passenger lifts can move both materials and people.

Is a passenger lift the same as an elevator?

Both must meet all requirements for safe human transport – the Galaxy Traveler is ASME 18:1 compliant and ADA compatible. An elevator is defined by a fully enclosed cab and shaft, so a passenger lift is often a more affordable option.

Can my Galaxy lift go indoors?

Yes. Cargo lifts or a passenger lift can be installed indoors or outdoors.

Can Galaxy lifts be used for business?

Yes. Cargo lifts or a passenger lift can provide a strong ROI for a variety of commercial applications from warehouses and stockrooms to sheds and lofts.

Do I need a concrete slab at the landing?

No. The footplate for the travel beams can sit on a concrete pad or be buried 18″ underground.

What are the homeowner responsibilities?

The homeowner must provide the travel distance measurement and ensure compliance with all applicable POA/HOA regulations. Prior to installation, an electrical disconnect box must be mounted near lift location.

What is the difference between a 4" and 5" beam?

The additional 1″ beam width allows the lift to travel greater heights with a smoother, more stable ride. Both beam widths provide maximal safety.

What if I have a 3-story home or building?

The Voyager+ and Voyager HD are perfect cargo lift solutions to accommodate the height of a 3-story building with either two or three stops.

What size motor is installed with my lift?

Motor size can vary by type of lift and travel distance. The motor will always provide the best combination of economy and power with maximum safety.

How do I find my travel distance?

Measure from the finished floor at your highest stop down to the landing point on the finished surface or ground.

Do I have to pay in full upfront?

No. A 50% deposit is required with your order to get the lift into production with the balance due at time of shipping.

What about additional costs?

Electrical and location preparation costs are not included. Installation cost and a shipping estimate will be provided along with the cost of the lift.

Is my cargo and passenger lift covered by warranty?

Yes. Our cargo lifts and passenger lift are backed by our warranty when registered within 30 days of lift installation: 5-year structural and 1-year electrical and mechanical parts. Review our lift warranty.

Can I install my own lift?

We strongly recommend professional installation of all our lift models. But the Shuttle was designed for Do-It-Yourself installation and can be installed professionally for your convenience.