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The Voyager cargo lift offers a terrific balance between benefits and budget that make it our most popular model. Enjoy Galaxy's signature smooth operation and long-lasting quality.
Travels up to 17 feet
Moves up to 1,000 lbs
Makes 2 stops
Basket: 54.25" x 54.25" x 46.0"
Basket Size: Medium
4 Inch I-Beams
200 mph wind rating
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Voyager Voyager Voyager Voyager Voyager
Voyager Voyager Voyager Voyager Voyager
Perfect for
  • Most home uses
  • Both budget & benefits
  • Standard loads

Explore Voyager Features

custom basket sizing
Custom basket sizing available
2-3 story stop on building
Flexible two or three stop capability
remote control
Convenient wireless handheld remote control
non-skid cargo floor
Cargo stays put with non-skid flooring
double reduction gearbox
Smooth operating double reduction gearbox
welded aluminum basket
Hand welded, aluminum basket construction
emergency braking system
Automatic braking system stops lift instantly
corrosion-resistant material
Durable, corrosion-resistant materials


Ask about our range of accessories from canopies to shelves, including some of our most popular options shown below.

Winder Cover
Winder Cover
Powder Coating
Powder Coating
Pan Safety Switch
Pan Safety Switch
Call-Send Station
Call-Send Station

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