Cargo Lift Accessories and Add-ons

Customize your Cargo Lift

Looking for a Custom Cargo Lift?

Our cargo lifts can be customized to fit your needs and decor with various options and add-ons. All cargo lifts can be powder coated any color and custom designed gates are available. Our Voyager model can have extra height beams and a custom basket size.

Custom Cargo Lift Gates
Custom Art Deco Gate

Lift Add-Ons

Extra Cargo Lift Gate Opening

Extra Gate Location

Our cargo lift baskets come standard with one gate. Additional gate locations available.

Cargo Lift Gate

Deck Gate

This gate is installed on the deck to match the cargo unit.

Cargo lift Remote Control

Remote Control

Our cargo lifts come standard with one remote control. Additional remotes available.

Custom Cargo Lift Basket

Custom Basket Size

Need to fit a tight space or just need a larger basket? We can customize the basket size to fit your space.

Pan Switch

Pan Switch

Safety switch installed on the bottom of a lift to stop lift if it touches an object.

Cargo Lift Controller

Lift Controls

Our lift systems feature 3 stops and handheld remotes. Learn More

Interlock System

Interlock System

Our interlock systems does not allow the deck gate to open unless the basket is in position. This is an additional safety guard for the deck.

Cargo Lift Canopy Top

Canopy Top

Canvas canopy tops available for both Cargo Lifts and Platform Lifts.

Powder Coating

Powder Coating Colors

Find the perfect match! Match your cargo lift to your house colors.

See Colors

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